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What is Peop1e?
Peop1e is an organization, a passion, a vision, a dream. At the most basic level, Peop1e is an ideal; an ideal where we move away from what we know as the norms of hatred and violence, of discrimination and opression, of poverty of character and poverty of soul. It is an ideal of life for which many have lost hope. In a world of materialism, capitalism, and narcicissm, stopping to enjoy the beauty of the world is often forgotten; hoping to change it is ridiculed. So, we hope to do just that. We hope do the ridiculous—step back, draw a line in the sand, and let the world know that enough tears have fallen, enough blood has been shed, enough lives have been wasted. Only once we climb over the jagged rocks of ignorance and misconception, can we look into the ocean and see the reflection of one people, one whole, one community. That hope for coming together as one is the sole purpose of Peop1e.